Hungarian National Contact Point


Since 2008, the Ministry of Interior serves as the EMN national contact point of Hungary. Its members are migration and asylum experts.


The Hungarian National Contact Point (HU NCP) takes part in the development and update of EMN products (Reports, Studies, Ad-Hoc Queries, Policy Briefs, Glossary). The contact point collects data and information on the different aspects of the Hungarian migration and asylum policy. This activity includes each year the preparation of numerous EMN studies in Hungarian and English.

More information on the EMN products is available under “Publications” and at the central webpage of EMN.

The contact point also maintains a national network of migration and asylum experts to ensure a more effective information collection. Among the members of this network there are experts of governmental bodies, research institutions and non-governmental organizations. The national contact point regularly organizes conferences, national meetings and also takes part in other events to communicate with its network and the general public.