• Collect and exchange up-to-date and reliable data and information from a wide range of sources;
  • Undertake analysis of the data and information and provide it in a readily accessible format;
  • In collaboration with other relevant EU bodies, contribute to the development of indicators and criteria that will improve the consistency of information and help in the development of Community activities related to migratory statistics;
  • Produce and publish periodic reports on the migration and asylum situation in the Community and the Member States;
  • Create and maintain an Internet-based information exchange system which provides access to relevant documents and publications in the area of migration and asylum;
  • Raise awareness of the EMN, by providing access to the information it gathers and disseminating the output of the EMN, unless this information is of a confidential nature;
  • Coordinate information and cooperate with other relevant European and international bodies;
  • The EMN shall ensure that its activities are consistent and coordinated with the relevant Community instruments and structures in the area of migration and asylum.

The National Contact Points shall carry out the tasks of the EMN at national level and in particular:

  • Provide national reports, including the reports referred to in Article 9;
  • Contribute with national information to the information exchange system referred to in Article 8;
  • Develop a capacity to issue ad-hoc requests and to respond quickly to such requests from other National Contact Points;
  • Establish a national migration network, composed of a wide-range of organisations and individuals active in the area of migration and asylum and representing relevant stakeholders. Members of the national migration network may be requested to contribute to the activities of the EMN, in particular with regard to Articles 8 and 9.

The main aim of The Hungarián Network is to provide a forum for the experts working in the fields of asylum and migration where they can exchange information and expericnces in an efficient way. Exchange of information is of essential importance for the HU NCP to fulfil its tasks effectively and swiftly. Considering that both the civil and the governmental sector are represented in the national network, the HU NCP is able to give an objective and overall picture ont he Hungarian migration and asylum situation for the EMN.

What is the EMN?

The purpose of the EMN is to provide objective, up-to-date, reliable and comparable information on the field of migration and asylum for the EU institutions and Member States. Moreover, the EMN aims at collecting, storing and analysing the already existing data and new information provided by Member States both at national and community level in a systematic way. 

The EMN not only promotes policy-making and satisfies the information needs of various institutions but also provides information to the public.

How was the EMN established?

The European Commission was requested by the Conclusion of the Laeken European Council in 2001 "to establish a system which ensures the exchange of information on migration, asylum and countries of origin.” The result was the EMN, which was launched in 2003 as a pilot project.

The Thessaloniki European Council stated in 2003 that “the development of the European asylum and migration policy should be based on the common analysis of the migratory phenomenon and the strengthening of the collection, provision, exchange and efficient use of relevant and up-to-date information on migratory phenomenon is of crucial importance.”

These statements were reinforced by the Hague Programme in 2004. Following the successful preparation, the European Migration Network was established by the Council Decision 2008/381/EC on 14thof May 2008.

How does the EMN operate?

At European level

The EMN is composed of the Commission and the national contact points (NCP) assigned by the Member States. It is only Denmark who does not take part in the EMN.

At national level

Every Member State designs an entity which acts as a national contact point. In Hungary it is the Department of European Cooperation in the Ministry of Interior that carries out the tasks of the national contact point (HU NCP). The HU NCP coordinates the work of the Hungarian national network.